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CPP20218 Certificate III in Security Operations

If you wish to progress your security career or build on your existing security knowledge, then our Certificate III in Security Operations is geared towards a supervisory role within the security industry.

This qualification can also be used as a stepping stone to advance into different security industry employment streams such as:

  • armed guard 
  • cash in transit
  • employed by company’s requiring persons to carry batons and handcuffs

Our nationally recognised Certificate III in Security Operations course runs for eight days full time, with the availability of Day, Night and Weekend classes. (contact us for availability).  Classes are delivered face-to-face and include presentations, practical demonstrations of security equipment, scenario walk throughs and group discussions.

Here’s just a few of the things that you’ll learn:

  • Law
  • operational procedures for de-escalation of violence 
  • advanced communication and defensive tactics

Batons and handcuffs training is also offered; running for an additional three days full time.  Additionally, we offer Firearms and cash in transit training which involves a further five days full time training. This course includes seven extra electives to provide outcomes for  Armed Guard and Cash In Transit licence from Victoria Police.

Our expert industry trainers provide you with nurturing support throughout our practical, hands on course. The Certificate III in Security Operations course is delivered at our St Kilda campus comprising current security training aids and manuals including screening equipment.

Whilst we prefer you to have completed a Certificate II Security Operations, we also encourage mature age applicants with sufficient work experience to apply.

There are however a number of prerequisites that you must meet:

  • be 18 years or older
  • pass a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment 
  • hold a current Private Security Individual Licence

If you wish to progress your security career through additional study, this course will lead to higher studies at a Certificate IV level qualification. Credit transfers may be available.

Our course experts will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our security operations courses.

Units of Study


Contribute To Effective Workplace Relationships

Nominal Hours: 40 h


Organise Personal Work Priorities And Development

Nominal Hours: 30 h


Maintain Workplace Safety In The Security Industry

Nominal Hours: 30 h


Manage Conflict Through Negotiation

Nominal Hours: 16 h


Determine Response To Security Risk Situation

Nominal Hours: 24 h


Prepare and present security documentation and reports

Nominal Hours: 20 h


Coordinate A Quality Security Service To Clients

Nominal Hours: 16 h


Maintain Security Of Environment

Nominal Hours: 20 h


Control Access to and Exit From Premises

Nominal Hours: 8 h


Monitor And Control Individual And Crowd Behaviour

Nominal Hours: 20 h


Lead Small Teams In The Security Industry

Nominal Hours: 10 h


Control Security Risk Situations Using Firearms

Nominal Hours: 40 h


Prepare and present information in court

Nominal Hours: 24 h


Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques 

Nominal Hours: 24 h


Control Persons Using Baton

Nominal Hours: 30 h


Restrain Persons Using Handcuffs

Nominal Hours: 30 h


Plan And Conduct Evacuation Of Premises

Nominal Hours: 16 h


Load And Unload Cash In Transit In An Unsecured Environment

Nominal Hours: 30 h


Implement Cash-in-transit Security Procedures

Nominal Hours: 40 h


Inspect And Test Cash-in-transit Security Equipment

Nominal Hours: 30 h


Apply First Aid

Nominal Hours: 18 h

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed to show that you have achieved the skills and knowledge required by the course. Assessment may include written, oral or practical assessment methods. You will be advised in advance about the type of assessment and how it will operate. There is the opportunity for reassessment and appeal and you will be provided with this information.

The Certificate III in Security Operations is broken down into three sections:

  • Core (6 days)

  • Batons & Handcuffs (2 days)

  • We also offer Cash in Transit / Firearms training over (5 days, 1 action)

  • Cash in Transit over (2 days)

  • Armed Guard over (3 days, 1 action)

Price and Dates

= $1800 ($350 non refundable deposit upon enrolment including administrative fee – including armed guard, Cash in Transit, Baton & Handcuff)

= $1195 ($350 non refundable deposit upon enrolment including administrative fee)

Please contact our office for up and coming dates.

Student Handbook

You can download the student handbook here